Pyke "The Bloodharbor Ripper" -Concept Art- League of Legends
Daniel orive concept2

Final visual design

Daniel orive concept1a

Pyke exploration design

Daniel orive concept3

We had to get rid of the hair so here I did few explorations.

Daniel orive concept4

Creature "Nensi" for recall

Daniel orive concept5

Ward Design

Pyke "The Bloodharbor Ripper" -Concept Art- League of Legends

Here you can find some of the concepts I did for Pyke during the production.
Also I would like to give credit to the whole Champion team because this can't happen without them. But special credits to Chris Campbell and Victor Maury for all the work we did together to create this dude.
Hope you like Pyke and enjoy him as much as we did working on him.

More artwork
Daniel orive max1Daniel orive 5Daniel orive neeko thumbnail1